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Stitching Sweet Valentine’s Pictures with Nicola Elliott – Downloadable FREE Embroidery Designs
The story of the award winning artist and her unique embroidery designs!

In this week’s blog post we are featuring an embroiderer with a truly unique style. We are also offering three of her beautiful and brand new Valentine’s Day themed embroidery designs to be downloaded. “You will still have plenty of time to stitch them out for yourself or someone truly special. Although still relatively new to machine embroidery, Nicola Elliott is already making a name for herself in embroidery circles successfully selling her sometimes quirky, but mostly daintily beautiful embroidery designs on her website (picturestitch.co.uk) She recently won a New Comers award for her “Dark Fairytale” Collection and was featured in her local newspaper.
Her social media following is also steadily growing with currently over 2.000 members in her Facebook Group.
Nicola has been using Hatch Embroidery software to digitize her embroidery designs and she is absolutely thrilled how helped to bring her artwork to life. We asked Nicola about her story and unique embroidery style.

How long have you been doing embroidery for?
I started free motion stitch embroidery in 2013 after having to give up my job as a teaching assistant because of Crohn’s disease.

What made you take up machine embroidery?
I felt the need to draw and create something unique. When I got ill, my husband bought me a sewing machine, so I started to use my needle to draw with stitch. Before that I had only used a sewing machine once at school.

What do you like about machine embroidery the most?
I love watching my drawings come to life right before my eyes and knowing I can share my work with others. With my new exclusive “Forever Mine” collection it is all about feeling and drawing emotional designs that are brought to life in stitch. It gives me a warm feeling inside.

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What is Picturestitch about? How did you start the business?
(i$turestit$h stared about 06 month ago. 3e$ause I was $reating Free motion stit$h embroidery& people were asking me if I would sell my work as ma$hine embroidery designs. (eople seemed to lo#e the uniqueness of my work as all my designs are signed with my signature ,eart. %t present there is not mu$h out there in terms of hand drawn ma$hine embroidery designs. )o that is how (i$turestit$h was born. In the last 0- months the feedba$k has been o#erwhelming at times for the lo#e of my work. I feel I am truly blessed with this talent and I want to share it with as many people as possible.
What is your special technique that makes your designs so unique?
I hand draw all my own work& 2ust with pen$il on paper. % lot of my(i$turestit$h designs are without full 7lls. I prefer my designs to be simple and speak for themsel#es. I like to think out of the bo4 when drawing my work.
How would you describe your artistic style?
)ome of my designs are a bit on the dark side& but they are really popular. *ustomers absolutely lo#ed my Dark Fairytale $olle$tion. 3ut I am really e4$ited about my new Valentine and Fore#er 5ine $olle$tions whi$h are pa$ked with lo#e themed designs and selling#ery well.
What is your motto?

%lways belie#e in yourself and that dierent $an be e4tremely beautiful.

What kind of embroidery software have you usedbefore?
I 7rst started with !mbird& but I mainly use ,at$h at present be$ause it has e#erything I need to bring my designs to life.
What is it that you like about Hatch Embroidery software?
!#erything888 ,at$h is so user friendly& easy to understand and has all the tools you will e#er need. 9he pri$e is fantasti$ and the support from ,at$h and Wil$om ha#e been se$ond to none.
What features and tools of Hatch do you use for your embroidery?
I absolutely lo#e the bran$hing tool and the dierent stit$h patterns that are a#ailable.

How does Hatch help you to bring your drawings to life?
I lo#e how I $an easily import my drawings into ,at$h and using the bran$hing tool I $an tie parts of my designs together.

What are your aspirations for the next 1 monthsfor your business?
For the future I would like to do more $olle$tions and like for my !mbroidery designs to be seen all o#er the world. I am also thinking of maybe a fabri$ $olle$tion hand drawn by myself to $ompliment my embroidery designs.
What advice would you give to others who want to start doing machine embroidery?
I would say& ha#e a go888 3uy ,at$h& as it is #ery aordable and wat$h your ideas grow and $ome to life. i$ola’s designs and artwork are all $opyrighted and may only be used for personal use or on items for sale. “ou may not resell these designs.

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