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      VIP MEMBERSHIP – Join Our Picturestitch

      The VIP membership allows you to make a monthly purchase of up to $20 worth of Nicolas designs for ONLY $9.99!

      How much is it?
      You have two options if you would like to purchase VIP membership:
      1. $9.99 per month for a $20 coupon every 30 days.
      2. $100 per year for $240 coupon credited  to use throughout the year

      **Once you have payed **

      Please email me at vippicturestitch@gmail.com

      **To receive you VIP Coupon code**

      When does the money go out of my bank account if I choose a monthly membership?

      Each month, $9.99 will be taken from your bank account on the day of the month that you joined. So for example, if you signed up on January 6th for monthly membership, then your membership fee will be withdrawn from your account on the 6th of each month.

      As a Monthly member you will receive you coupon code on the day you join. After this it will expire the last day of the month, then the next code come into effect.Then every month after you will receive your coupon code the first of the next month.

      Annual/yearly VIP Member you will receive $240 into your account to use though out the year.

      Do I have to commit to membership for a minimum period?

      No!! If you join on a monthly basis and then decide that you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason, Just cancel it at any time.



      MembershipBanner - VIP MEMBERSHIP - Join our Picturestitch Family!


      How do I join?
      Go to products below and select the Membership Option that you’d like. There you will have the choice of the monthly or annual membership